Alex (Steven) Hull

      I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Special Education. I received my master’s degree from Lesley University in Technology in Education. I’m a proud husband and father of 3 boys.



      Throughout the year in the S.T.E.M. Lab, students in grades Kindergarten-5th will engage in a variety of activities that support the various themes of S.T.E.M. These themes are:

      • Design Process – Students understand the Engineering Design Process is a method that is used to solve challenges to change and improve products.
      • Coding – Students understand computational thinking skills that help prepare to write code and solve problems.
      • Robotics – Students understand how a robot can be programmed and/or automated to complete a task.
      • Design Fabrication – Students understand how to use and work with various tools and/or machines to create and refine a prototype.
      • Digital Storytelling – Students understand how digital tools can be used to communicate a message.
      • Digital Citizenship – Students understand how to safely navigate the digital world and protect themselves and others when online.