• Work-based Learning is a continuum of activities that occur, in part or in whole, in the workplace, providing the learner with hands-on, real world experience. Students who participate in CTE courses will encounter work-based learning education and opportunities throughout this continuum. 

  • Learning about Work

    Career awareness and exploration helps individuals build awareness of the variety of careers available and provides experiences that help inform career decisions. 
    •    Career Counseling
    •    Career Planning
    •    Career Fairs
    •    Career Presentations 
    •    Industry Speakers
    •    Worksite Tours

    (Learning about Work opportunities may occur through home high schools in the counseling department and in CTE courses.)

  • Learning through Work

    Career preparation supports career readiness and includes extended direct interaction with professionals from industry and the community. 
    •    Clinical Experiences
    •    Internships
    •    Pre-apprenticeship
    •    Industry-sponsored Project
    •    Supervised Entrepreneurship Experience

    (Learning through Work experiences may be offered through CTE courses. Internships are offered through the CTE office and in some CTE courses.) 

  • Learning at Work

    Career training occurs at a work site and prepares individuals for employment.
    •    Apprenticeships

    (Learning at Work opportunities are offered through the CTE office.) 

Last Modified on April 12, 2023