• Aerospace  & Sustainability night 4/3/24
    We are looking for exhibitors in the Aerospace and sustainability industry (that are related to the CCIC pathways only). In addition, we are looking for anyone from the community that might be interested in attending and listening to our keynote that evening. 
    Website & registration for attendees: https://www.cherrycreekschools.org/Page/15366

    Exhibitors registration and information: https://cherrycreekschools.tfaforms.net/f/aero_ireg

    Women In Industry  4/4/24
    We are looking for exhibitors that are representing nontraditional pathways for women that can bring with them a simple hands-on activity / swag for the participating girls. This is 8-11 grades. 
    Exhibitor registration and information:  https://cherrycreekschools.tfaforms.net/f/wii_ireg
    Hiring and Career Fair 4/25/24
    Looking for industry that can bring hiring opportunities for our students in our wxisting CTE pathways. 
    Industry Registration and information: https://cherrycreekschools.tfaforms.net/f/careerfair_ireg