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    5:30-6:00 - Doors open/ Exhibit Hall

    6:00-6:10- Opening Remarks

                        Steve Day, Principal, CCIC

    6:15-6:25- Denver's Green Workforce Program 

                       Jessmine Anderson |  City and County of Denver                  

    6:28-6:38- Electric Vehicle Fast Charging and Classic Vehicle Electric Conversions 

                       Tim Bradley | Winn-Marion Companies

    6:41-6:51 - Indoor Farm Systems and Considerations 

                        Huston Hoelscher | urban-gro

    6:54-7:04-  Transforming Energy, Transforming Business 

                         Madison Lozano | Namaste Solar

    7:07-7:17- The Wild West of Wind: Wind Power through the Decades 

                        Ernie Tucker | The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) 

    7:20-7:25- Closing remarks

    7:25-8:00- Informal open engagement with speakers


    Jessmine Anderson


    Green Workforce Program Manager  

    Denver Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency

    Jessmine Anderson is CASR’s Green Workforce Program Manager helping ensure that green careers are affordable, equitable and inclusive to all.

    She has over 10 years experience in workforce development primarily with individuals with hurdles to mainstream employment, including immigrant and refugee populations.

    Prior to CASR, she worked with the City of Portland to map issues of climate justice to workforce development programming.

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    Timothy Bradley




    Winn-Marion Companies

    Tim started his professional career with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University.

    After some stints in Application Engineering and Product Management, Tim's career moved into sales and business management in Industrial controls and automation.

    He's worked with the Winn-Marion Companies for 26-years and currently serves as the President.

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    Huston Hoelscher


    Environmental Sciences Manager


    Huston Hoelscher is a Plant Specialist Manager within urban-gro’s Environmental Sciences Group. As a Pest Control Advisor – licensed in the states of AZ, OK, and CA.

    Huston is responsible for developing commercialized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) SOPs for licensed cannabis greenhouse operations. Huston also works with cultivators in the proper application of pesticides and beneficial insects for pest mitigation to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

    Previously, Huston was a Production Manager for a 22,000 sf. nursery production greenhouse based in Denver, CO. Huston maintained an Integrated Pest Management program which included cultural & biological controls as well as facility maintenance. His focus was on plant health/nutrition as well as oversight on newly propagated plant material. Huston’s experience also includes working as a Greenhouse Assistant within the Ecology department at the University of Colorado and Production Manager at a 10,000 sf. Cannabis operation in Boulder, CO. Huston received his Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University in Horticulture Science.

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    Madison Lozano


    HR Recruiting Coordinator

    Namaste Solar

    HR Recruiting coordinator and psychology major who is passionate about renewable energy, as well as equity and social justice.

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    Ernie Tucker



    The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

    Ernie Tucker joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2009 as a writer and editor in the Communications Office.

    A graduate of Yale University, he has been a reporter and editor at a number of newspapers, including the Chicago Sun-Times and the Rocky Mountain News, as well as managing editor of Westword newspaper in Denver and

    multimedia producer at The Denver Post and KUSA-TV, Denver.

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