• Let CCSD pay for your first one or two years of college - tuition, fees and books!

    Students who earn college credit through Concurrent or Dual Enrollment classes in high school, and/or AP test scores, may be eligible for ASCENT and TREP. These are programs that help Cherry Creek students move into post-secondary education with significant financial support.

    • ASCENT - CCSD pays for one-year of tuition, required fees and books at one of our partner schools: Metropolitan State/Denver, University of Northern Colorado, Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Red Rocks Community College, as well as Emily Griffith and Pickens Technical Colleges. There are unlimited spots for the ASCENT program.
    • TREP is a two-year program for students interested in pursuing a career in education; we pay your tuition, required fees and books for two years at our partner schools (see above; does not include the technical colleges.)  The State of Colorado caps the number of TREP spots; decisions are made in May.

    Both programs take place after a student's senior year. Students take all of their classes on the campus of their selected college.  Please click the options below to find out more about ASCENT and TREP including how to qualify.  


    How to Apply

    Update 4/1/2024: The application is now closed.  We cannot accept TREP applications after March 31.  If you feel like you are eligible for ASCENT and want to apply after April 1, please meet with your counselor to discuss your eligibility. Your counselor will reach out to the Concurrent Enrollment office.

    Many students will need to return to their original application in May to upload additional college transcripts from their spring or yearlong classes. Use this same link to access your original application; the only change you can make is to upload additional files. https://cherrycreekschools.tfaforms.net/286.

    Application timeline: November 1 - March 1. 

    • Students who submit ASCENT applications by March 1 will find out about their application status in mid-April; TREP students will find out mid-May, after the state legislature determines how many TREP spots each school district will receive..
    • Students who submit applications after the deadline will find out about their application status as soon as the department is able to process late applications. It is strongly recommended to submit your application by March 1.  TREP applications are not accepted after March 31.

    Here is a guide for applying for ASCENT.

    Here is a guide for applying for TREP.

    Questions? Reach out to your high school counselor. Or reach out to Postsecondary Workforce Administrator,Tara Bell, tbell18@cherrycreekschools.org.  You can also email ascent-trep@cherrycreekschools.org.  



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