• Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) offer students various opportunities including: professional development, community service, business and industry connections, financial leadership, public relations, and social events.  The culmination of a CTSO is a competitive event or conference where students apply and display the various skills they have acquired throughout the year and their whole K-12 experience.  At CCSD, we want to celebrate the awards and recognition of our students and CTSO advisors.  

    DECA chapters at Cherry Creek High School and Cherokee Trail High School earned the THRIVE Level of recognition for conducting an outstanding Membership Campaign to raise awareness of the awesome things their DECA chapters are doing!  Students from Cherry Creek and Cherokee Trail that participated in the campaign will get to attend DECA's International Career Development Conference in Orlando, Florida.


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    TSA State

    On February 22-25, Eaglecrest HS Engineering Teachers Scott Kenna and Ronnie Fountain took 11 students to the TSA State Conference and the Raptors did an excellent job of competing in a variety of events:

    The following students made it to the semifinal round of their competitions (top 10-12 in state):

    CAD Engineering- Samuel Davenport, Max Richards

    Data Science and Analytics- Maya Nash

    Software Development-  Maya Nash, Meron Zeleke- 5th Place


    The following students placed in single round competition:

    CAD Architecture- Jessica Feng- 4th Place

    Catapult Design-Brandon Choi, Sam Feng, Jason Ng, Max Richards- 4th Place


    And the following students placed in the top 3 in the state and were recognized at the Awards Ceremony:

    Theatrical Set Design- Bangyan Fu, Maya Nash- 2nd Place (National Qualifier) Jessica Feng, Sam Feng- 3rd Place


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    Cherokee Trail High School HOSA took 39 kids to the state leadership conference and the Cougars did a great job representing CTHS!

    30 of them have never been to Hosa before and they placed in the top 10 in 34 for events. 

    • 14 students qualified for HOSA Nationals! 
    • 4 State Champions!
    • 1 student elected to be a state officer!
    • The entire chapter was awarded "Gold Chapter of Excellence"

    Way to go Cougars!

    Overland High School - Wikipedia

    Overland High School took 17 students to the HOSA State Leadership Conference and the Blazers did an awesome job representing OHS!  15 of the students have never participated in HOSA, way to step out of your comfort zone and compete Blazers!

    Check out this video showing the excitement when they found out they won!

    Asiya Gameel Top Ten Finalist-PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
    1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Chloe Kanyesigye Top Ten Finalist-HEALTH INFROMATICS
    Top Ten Finalist- HOSA BOWL
    Deborah Asefa  
    Donya Ray Top Ten Finalist-HOSA BOWL
    1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Gloria Ansah 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Hana Tibin 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Hoda Elderinky 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Top Ten Finalist-SPORTS MEDICINE
    Jelane Elamo 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    1st Place-Prolonged Field Care Testing
    Top Ten Finalist- HEALTH INFROMATICS
    Joy Liberatore  
    Lea Hukporti 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Mawuse Mensah 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Top Ten Finalist-HOSA BOWL
    Moromolaoluwa Folami Top Ten Finalist-HOSA BOWL
    Top Three Finalist-First Place ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP -
    Navtej Singh 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Top Ten Finalist- DENTAL SCIENCE
    Niomi McGuire 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Reem Elmaragani Top Ten Finalist- PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT
    Top Ten Finalist- JOB SEEKING SKILLS
    Sandy Elderinky 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    1st Place-Prolonged Field Care Testing
    Tsion Hundie 1st Place HOSA Trivia Team
    Top Ten Finalist- PHYSICAL THERAPY

    Prolonged Field Care Testing- event put on by the Army and National Guard

    • Jelane Elamo- First Place Team
    • Sandy Elderinky-First Place Team

    HEALTH PROFESSIONS EVENTS--These students took a content test and had to qualify for round two. Round two they performed skills specific to the health profession selected:

    Top Ten Finalists:

    • Navtej Singh - DENTAL SCIENCE
    • Tsion Hundie- -PHYSICAL THERAPY
    • Hoda Elderinky - SPORTS MEDICINE

    LEADERSHIP EVENTS--These are students who have to demonstrate leadership skills through public speaking and presentations:

    Top Ten Finalists:

    • Reem Elmaragani –- JOB SEEKING SKILLS
    • Reem Elmaragani, Asiya Gameel, Jelane Elamo,- HOSA- PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT- Topic- Mental Health breaking barriers
    • Moromolaoluwa Folami- ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP

    National Finalist - move on to nationals in Dallas, Texas:

    • 1st Place - Moromolaoluwa Folami- ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP

    TEAMWORK EVENTS-These students work as a team to reach a common outcome related to health care topic(s)

    Top Ten Finalists:

    • Moromolaoluwa Folami, Donya Ray, Chloe, Elisha Mensah-HOSA BOWL

    HEALTH SCIENCE EVENTS- These students take a 100 question test related to the topic they select:

    Top Ten Finalists:

    • Jelane Elamo- HEALTH INFORMATICS
    • Chloe Kanyesigye- HEALTH INFORMATICS



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