4-Year College

College Pennants
  • On average, 65-70% of graduating seniors choose to attend a 4-year college or university after high school. When preparing to attend a 4-year college or university, it is important students focus on academics and maintaining a solid GPA (typically an unweighted 3.0 or higher) throughout their high school career. There are nearly 4,000 colleges in the United States and admissions standards vary greatly for colleges/universities. There truly is a “best fit” college for everyone. At Cherokee Trail, we focus on “bes fit” for students by guiding them to focus on the following factors in the college search process:

    • Location

    • Private or Public institution 

    • Size of institution (Small, Medium, Large)

    • Programs of study offered

    • Culture of college/university and surrounding area

    • Academic fit for admissions

    • Financial feasibility

    • Non-academic programs offered (clubs, organizations, athletics, study abroad, internships, counseling, etc.)

Planning for a 4-Year College/University

  • Click here to view the Post-Secondary Planning Calendar 

    10th Grade

    1. Maintain a solid GPA

    2. Find your passion and get involved in athletics, performing arts, clubs, activities, and community service

    3. Begin researching colleges

    4. As a family, create a plan for paying for college

    5. Explore classes and electives to help determine your passion and a potential major

    11th Grade

    1. Attend 11th grade college planning classroom presentation (November)

    2. Complete college search through Naviance

    3. Update Post-Secondary Planning Spreadsheet

    4. Schedule and attend a Junior Conference (one-on-one planning meeting with Counselor)

    5. Attend college visits at CT and college fairs; sign-up for College Visits through Naviance

    6. Attend Beyond the Trail Night in February of your Junior year

    7. Visit college campuses

    8. As a family, create a plan for paying for college

    9. Narrow list of colleges for applications prior to start of 12th grade

    10. Attend summer college application workshops at Cherokee Trail

    12th Grade

    1. Narrow list of colleges to which you are applying to 3-5 schools

    2. Attend 12th grade college application classroom presentation (September)

    3. Attend college visits at Cherokee Trail

    4. Update list of "Colleges I'm Applying To" in Naviance

    5. Schedule and attend your senior conference

    6. Complete all steps of the college application process (click here for more information)

    7. Click here to access Transcript Requests