Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Why Career & Technical Education?

  • Career and Technical/Skilled Trade education may be the best fit for many students. Students who plan on pursuing an education in career & technical education/and skilled trades are encouraged to discuss their personal strengths, skills, and goals with their counselor during their junior and senior conferences. CCSD also offers many CTE courses for students to take while in high school, both at Cherokee Trail and through the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus. In many cases, students may begin or complete certifications in high school through courses or apprenticeship programs. As the labor market continues to evolve and change, college degrees are no longer a requirement for certain careers or salary levels. Learn more about the Colorado labor market and determine if CTE may be a good fit for you here.

    Not-for-profit versus Proprietary CTE Institutions 

    When exploring CTE schools beyond high school, families are encouraged to first seek out not-for-profit institutions that offer training in their chosen pathway. This typically provides stability schooling, scholarships, and financial aid. If students choose to pursue proprietary/for-profit institutions, it is highly recommended such institutions are researched and vetted, particularly in the following areas:

    • Total cost 

    • Scholarships/financial aid

    • Debt to income ratio (if using loans to pay for education)

    • Long term stability

    • Graduation rate/certificate completion

    • Internship/job placement

Post-Secondary CTE Institutions in Colorado and Apprenticeship Opportunities