• Horizon Community Middle School

    Equity Work

    At HCMS, all staff members engage in equity work at both personal and professional levels. We believe that everyone is at a different place in their own racial journey, and our equity work is differentiated in ways to allow for continuous growth for all.

    Our work is anchored in the Cherry Creek School District Transformational Equity Framework, which is comprised of four components: systems & structures, racial consciousness, cultural humility, and culturally responsive education. We use the Courageous Conversations About Race Protocol (Singleton, 2021) to support and drive our work, particularly related to racial consciousness.

    Our PLCRE Instructional Framework (Professional Learning Communities + Culturally Responsive Education) serves as the foundation of how we design and facilitate learning experiences. We examine data by demographic categories. We seek out and dismantle systems and structures that limit opportunities. We talk about race and how it impacts our lives. We understand that it is important to know or own cultural identities and those of others. Our professional development supports all of these areas, including examination of the six themes of Culturally Responsive Education (Stembridge, 2019). Most importantly, we include students in our equity work, seeking out their perspectives and leadership as we grow together as a community.