• How to Request a Transcript


    What is an Unofficial Transcript?

    This is a printed or scanned copy of your school record that includes your coursework and performance while in high school. It will not have the school’s official seal or the registrar’s signature. Only current students can request an unofficial transcript.

    Reasons to request an unofficial request:

    · Job applications

    · If an unofficial transcript is specifically requested by an institution

    · Some scholarships

    · Military enlistment

    - If you need an unofficial transcript, email your counselor directly to make the request.

    What is an Official Transcript?

    This is a record of your coursework and performance while in high school. If printed, it will have the school’s official seal embossed onto it, the registrar’s signature, and will arrive in a sealed envelope. If sent electronically, it will have the school seal as well as the registrar’s signature. Current students and Alumni may request official transcripts.

    Reasons to request an official transcript:

    · College applications

    · NCAA Clearinghouse

    · Some scholarships

    · Common Application

    · Coalition Application


    Transcript Request Form: Request a transcript by filling out this form


    If you have questions regarding transcript requests, please contact:

    Stephany Garbett



Last Modified on September 12, 2023