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    graduates, teacher working with elementary students, high school student working wearing hard hat


    teacher leading classroom with students seated on floorTEACHERS

    Happy teachers means happy students. We support our teachers and will continue to make CCSD the best place to teach and grow for our educators and support staff. We are ranked as the #1 school district in the state for teacher satisfaction (high pay and low turnover rate) and offer one of the most competitive salary schedules for teachers in the metro region. Our Climate and Culture Staff Survey also demonstrates high levels of job satisfaction across the district. For the 2023-24 school year, we welcomed 460 new educators to the Cherry Creek School District - 73% of which came from other school districts. Currently, 82% of our teachers have at least one advanced degree.

  • young student working with markerACADEMICS

    Cherry Creek Schools is building learners and leaders for future generations. This means ensuring basic competencies such as reading, writing, and math as well as building character and developing critical thinking skills. CCSD prepare graduates with a strong foundation and the skills necessary to pursue their Pathway of Purpose and be successful, productive citizens. The district continues to outperform state and national averages on state assessments and graduation rates and is consistently recognized for academic growth and achievement. Equally important is measuring the lasting impacts of positive relationships with peers, teachers, coaches, and mentors. Our goal is to graduate students who are well-adjusted, independent thinkers prepared to take on the next chapter of life.

  • student wearing hard hat working with wood and hammerINNOVATION

    From innovation spaces in elementary schools and incorporating STEAM and critical thinking skills at an early age to the nationally-recognized Cherry Creek Innovation Campus, CCSD is leading the way in what innovation looks like in K-12 education. Our future workforce demands highly skilled, technical, hands-on training as well as students who can think critically when it comes to solving some of the greatest challenges of our time. We continue to improve and evolve in order to provide students with an array of resources and experiences, including growing our career pathways and providing real-world skills so every student can have the opportunity to find their Pathway of Purpose.

  • Traverse Academy exterior drawingWHOLE WELLBEING

    Caring for every student’s physical, emotional and social needs is directly linked to how well they’re able to learn and grow. The ability to provide support and care for every student’s whole wellbeing is a must-have for a modern, well-functioning school district in today’s world. In the face of a national mental health crisis facing Americans of every age, CCSD is responding to the needs of its community and leading the way with innovative initiatives for students to learn tools to cope and build resiliency so they can be successful in their educational journey. At CCSD, this includes a nurse in every building, free telehealth services, and a new, first-of-its-kind school offering intensive therapeutic services along with a full array of educational offerings, named Traverse Academy.

  • Students and visitors at art showSAFETY & SECURITY

    There can never be enough investments made when it comes to the safety and security of our children. School safety remains a top priority and we work hard to educate and empower schools to keep their communities as safe and secure as possible. Safety and security equipment in schools also accounts for a large portion of where money is directed when taxpayers are asked to invest in Cherry Creek Schools. From the 2020 bond measure, we are completing several security upgrades such as secure vestibules, security kiosks, and intercom and fire alarm upgrades. We employ 150 security staff members, including 25 School Resource Officers and continue the use of our Red Bag program to aid students and staff during and after a traumatic event.

Last Modified on October 3, 2023