CCSD Strategic Plan

  • Disproportionality

  • Ensure all students thrive regardless of where they are in their learning journey. The Cherry Creek  School District believes in providing fair and equitable access to high-quality educational opportunities and seeks to raise the academic achievement and nurture the wellbeing of all students.

    Key Strategies

    Pathway of Purpose

    Provide rigorous instruction, access to opportunity, and the supports necessary to empower all students to graduate on time and find their unique Pathway of Purpose.

    Discipline Practices

    Reduce disproportionality in discipline data to reflect student demographics.

    Equitable Identification

    Ensure the equitable identification of students in special populations that are student-specific and systemically aligned. (Gifted/Talented and Special Education)

  • students walking away from camera in hallway full of backpacks and coats

    Impact Metrics

    • Graduation rate
    • Special Populations data
    • Interim and state assessments
    • Climate and Culture Student Survey
    • Discipline data

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Last Modified on April 12, 2024