• Joliet Learning Center 

    The Joliet Learning Center (JLC) is a special education program that is designed to meet the needs of middle school and high school students with significant emotional disabilities.  This program provides educational and mental health services to Cherry Creek Schools students in an independent school facility.  It is a setting with a structured, restrictive, high level of care and programming.

    Mission Statement

    To serve each student in a time-limited program, appropriate to the student's identified needs and determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team, which facilitates their return to their home schools equipped with skills and strategies that enables them to be successful members in their school and community.

    Joliet's Goal

    The goal of the Joliet Learning Center is to serve students in a safe and structured setting in accordance with their IEP, with high levels of educational and mental health support.  With the support of the JLC educational and mental health interventions, parent support, and outside agency support, it is our goal for students to learn the skills reflected in their IEP, and as determined by the IEP team, to successfully return to their neighborhood school.

    Guiding Principles

    • We believe that parents are a great and valued resource and partner with school personnel for students to academically, socially and emotionally improve in overall school performance.
    • We believe that when students are linked to informal and formal support systems their academic success improves.
    • We believe that special education students deserve a quality education based upon their individual needs and deliver these quality practices and regularly monitor their effectiveness.
    • We believe that students deserve high quality research based interventions to encourage and support their emotional well-being and academic success.
    • We believe that students receiving funds by targeted and monitored interventions will allow, as determined by the IEP team, them to successfully transition back to their home school.

    Additional Resources

    Map and Directions for Joliet Learning Center 

Last Modified on August 18, 2023