School Assignment by Address

  • Your neighborhood school is assigned at the District Admissions and Planning Office, according to the location of your residence and the school attendance boundaries.  Boundaries may change, contact District Admissions to confirm the assigned school for your address or use the School Locator below.


    School Locator by Address

    Use our SCHOOL LOCATOR to determine the neighborhood school assigned to a specific address.


    Approved Overflow Changes for the 2019-20 and 20-21 SY

    • Effective 6/1/19, elementary students registering to the area north of I225 in the Belleview Elementary boundary area, will be assigned to Holly Hill/Ridge Elementary School on Overflow.  Middle school students in the same area north of I-225 in the Campus MS boundary area will be assigned to West MS on Overflow.  Transportation to both schools will be provided by CCSD.
    • Effective 7/1/19, elementary students registering in Serenity Ridge South - the area south of Smoky Hill Rd, west of Powhaton Rd and east of Smoky Hill Parkway - in the Altitude Elementary area will be assigned to Black Forest Hills Elementary on Overflow.
    • Effective 7/1/19, elementary students registering to the new Copperleaf areas of Bristlecone Pine, Pinon and most of Oak neighborhoods - in the Mountain Vista Elementary area - will be assigned to Aspen Crossing Elementary on Overflow. 
    • Effective 01/01/21, elementary students registering to the undeveloped Southshore FILING 19 area neighborhoods - in the Altitude Elementary area - will be assigned to Black Forest Hills Elementary on Overflow. 


    Boundary Changes Approved for Eaglecrest & Smoky Hill High Schools

    On November 12, 2018 the CCSD Board of Education adopted the proposed boundary changes between Eaglecrest and Smoky Hill High Schools. Areas shifting to Smoky Hill include the Arrowhead Elementary attendance area (all) and the eastern portion of the Summit Elementary attendance area.  These areas are shown on the map below.

    New high school students starting January 2019 will be placed on "overflow" to Smoky Hill HS.    The new boundary will be implemented for all students for the 2019-2020 school year. 

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    Smoky Hill High School Boundary Changes. Includes all of Arrowhead Elementary and the eastern portion of Summit Elementary

Last Modified on April 16, 2021