School Assignment by Address

  • Your neighborhood school is assigned at the District Admissions and Planning Office, according to the location of your residence and the school attendance boundaries.  Boundaries may change, contact District Admissions to confirm the assigned school for your address or use the School Locator below.


    School Locator by Address

    Please use our Map Based School Locator to determine the school assigned to a specific address.

    Step 1: Check the box for the school level. (Elementary, Middle School or High School)

    Step 2: Click the magnifying glass in the RED box located top left that says Cherry Creek School District.

    Step 3: Enter your home address and click on the full address that displays.

    Step 4:  Zoom out on the map to see the address within a boundary for the assigned neighborhood school (Elem, MS or HS).

    Please review the list of approved boundary changes and overflow situations listed below. 


    Approved Overflow and Boundary Changes 


    All boundary and overflow changes are handled by the District Planning and Enrollment Department. For more information on proposed and approved boundary and overflow changes, please visit the Planning Department page HERE.


Last Modified on May 24, 2023