School Choice

  • Cherry Creek School District is implementing a new application system and updated policies for School Choice effective January 1, 2023. The new application system will be used for all choice applications, including Non-Resident and Intra-District Transfer requests. Parents will be able to submit a School Choice application for the 2023-2024 school year starting January 1, 2023 through the link at the bottom of this page. 

    School Choice Applications for the next school year are available starting January 1st and applications for the current school year are available year round. 

    The Cherry Creek School District gives district residents and non-residents the opportunity to apply for enrollment in a Cherry Creek school of their choice. Applications for residents of Cherry Creek school district and qualified employees of the district are included in the first lottery that will run during the first week of February. Applications for non-residents of the district and any others submitted after January 31st, will be processed every other week. 

    Applications are considered based on lottery and space availability. Priority is given to students with siblings who will be attending the same school, children of district employees and to students who are currently attending a CCSD school with a 1 year approval. There is a limit of one application per student and all information is verified for accuracy. Addresses must be up to date for residents of the school district in order to be considered for School Choice.  If you are moving at a later date, applications for School Choice can be submitted when you move. 

    • Except as may be required by law, for students granted permission to attend a Choice school, transportation becomes the responsibility of the parents or guardians - Policy JFBA.
    • All students will be approved through the highest grade level for that school as long as they meet the continuing enrollment criteria-Policy JFBA. Renewal of Choice applications annually will no longer be needed. 
    • Continuing Enrollment Criteria for all students unless: 
        • The student is expelled from the school or program;
        • The student’s continued participation in the school requires the District to make alterations in the structure of the school or to the arrangement or function of rooms;
        • There is lack of space or teaching staff;
        • The school does not offer appropriate programs or is not equipped to meet the special needs of the student;
        • The school does not offer a program requested by the student;
        • The student does not meet established eligibility criteria;
        • A desegregation plan is in effect and denial of continued enrollment is necessary to comply with the plan;
        • The student does not maintain an attendance rate greater than 90%;
        • The student does not follow the school policy for on-time arrival to and/or departure from school;
        • The student has more than 1 out-of-school suspension each year;
        • The high school student is not on track to graduate on time.


    Appeals may be submitted only for those students denied a seat during the first lottery process in February. The appeals must be provided in writing (email message or an attached document) to the Manager of Admissions by March 15th. The appeal will be reviewed by an Appeals Committee, and parents will be notified of the decision by April 15th. Please be sure to include the student name, student ID number (if already a CCSD student), parent/guardian information and reason for the appeal before submitting it to:

    Please note: 

    • Non-residents of the district - Your applications will be processed in the lottery after February 15th, unless the student has a parent that is a qualified employee of Cherry Creek Schools.
    • Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten – The School Choice application is not for preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students. Please contact the Early Childhood Education department for more information.
    • Charter and Magnet schools – The School Choice application is not available for Cherry Creek Academy, Challenge School, Colorado Skies, Heritage Heights Academy, Elevation or Endeavor. Please contact those schools directly for assistance with their application process.
    • Previously approved students - Students currently attending a school under School Choice or an IntraDistrict Transfer approved through the highest grade level do NOT need to submit an application to return to that school next year.
    • Current address - The address on the application must be current and within the CCSD boundary to be considered a resident of the district. Families moving into the district after February 1st will need to apply as a non-resident or submit their application after moving to the district. 
    • Special Education Availability - Special Education program availability varies from school to school. If the choice school determines it cannot meet the student's needs, the student may seek enrollment in another school.  

    For additional information about the School Choice process with Cherry Creek, click here to view the School Choice FAQ.

    Submit your School Choice application here (link will be available starting January 1, 2023)

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