Non-Resident School Choice

  • The application for the 2024-2025 school year is now open  

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    Space Available for 2024-2025 School Year
    Kindergarten Waitlist Only 6th Grade Waitlist Only 9th Grade Waitlist Only
    1st Grade Antelope Ridge, Greenwood, Mission Viejo, Timberline, Trails West 7th Grade Waitlist Only 10th Grade Waitlist Only
    2nd Grade Greenwood 8th Grade Waitlist Only 11th Grade Waitlist Only
    3rd Grade Dry Creek, Ponderosa     12th Grade Waitlist Only
    4th Grade Antelope Ridge        
    5th Grade Antelope Ridge, Coyote Hills        

    Lottery Schedule for 2024-2025 School Year:

    1st - February 15th (district residents and qualified CCSD employees only)

    2nd - February 28th

    3rd - March 29th

    4th - April 30th

    5th (final) - June 3rd

    The Cherry Creek School District accepts students who live in other school districts on a staffing and space available basis. Students who move out of the district during the school year are able to request continued enrollment at the school for the remainder of the school year through the Change of Address process found here. A School Choice application will also be required to remain at the school to the highest grade level starting in the next school year.


      • Except as may be required by law, transportation for resident students granted permission to attend a school or program outside their attendance area is the responsibility of the parents or guardians-Policy JFBA
      • Applications for New and Renewing Non-Resident students are available from December 1st until May 31st each year.
      • The first lottery for Non-Resident School Choice applications that do not have CCSD employee priority will be run on February 28th. Additional lotteries will be run bi-weekly until the application closes on May 31st. Those with CCSD employee priority will be part of the first lottery that will occur on or before February 15th and the applications submitted after January 31st will be included in each additional lottery. 
      • Families that move to a different school district during the school year may request to remain at the current school through the remainder of the school year, without an application, through the address change process with District Admissions. Continued enrollment at the school past the current school year, will require a School Choice application to be submitted for the next school year. If the student is not currently meeting the continued enrollment criteria, then the current school can require that the student transfer to their new school of residence. 
      • Non-Resident students cannot enroll with the district until a school accepts the student on School Choice.
      • If approved as a non-resident, the student is approved to attend to the highest grade offered at the school.
      • Cherry Creek School District employees will be included in the initial lottery run during the first week of February.
      • Special Education program availability varies from school to school.
      • Non-Resident approval can be revoked or denied by the school if the student does not meet the Continuing Enrollment Criteria- Policy JFBA-R
        • The student is expelled from the school or program;
        • The student’s continued participation in the school requires the District to make alterations in the structure of the school to the arrangement or function of rooms;
        • There is lack of space or teaching staff;
        • The school does not offer appropriate programs or is not equipped to meet the special needs of the student;
        • The school does not offer a program requested by the student;
        • The student does not meet established eligibility criteria;
        • A desegregation plan is in effect and denial of continued enrollment is necessary to comply with the plan;
        • The student does not maintain an attendance rate greater than 90%;
        • The student does not follow the school policy for on-time arrival to and departure from school;
        • The student has more than 1 out-of-school suspension each year;
        • The high school student is not on track to graduate on time.


    For additional information about the School Choice process with Cherry Creek, click here to view the School Choice FAQ.  


    Non-Resident Applications for the 2024-2025 SY are available December 1, 2023 - May 31, 2024.


Last Modified on April 30, 2024