Cherry Creek School District's Profesional Learning Communities Definition

  • We have adopted the following model of continuous improvement based on the work of Dr. Rick DuFour.


    The Professional Learning Community (PLC) model is an ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the learners they serve. This is a never-ending process of conducting the business of learning that has a profound impact on the structure and culture of the system and the assumptions and practices of the professionals within it. Becoming a Professional Learning Community requires a system to embrace three primary elements: focus on learning, developing a collaborative culture, and being results oriented.

    Collaborative Teams

    Collaborative teams are the engines of the Professional Learning Community. Collaborative teams are mutually accountable for shared student learning goals and work interdependently to analyze and improve their classroom practice. Collaborative teams engage in an ongoing cycle of questions and reflection that promote deep team learning and higher levels of student achievement. Collaborative teams work to answer the following 4 critical questions in recurring cycles:

    • What do we want students to learn?
    • How will we know if they’ve learned it?
    • What will we do if they haven’t learned it?
    • What will we do if they have already learned it?


Last Modified on November 17, 2021