Accounts Payable

  • The Cherry Creek School District Accounts Payable Department is responsible for processing payments to vendors for goods and services. In addition, checks are issued for approved reimbursements to employees for mileage and other expenses incurred on behalf of the school district. Liability payments for insurance, taxes, utilities and construction contracts are also paid by this department.
    Each year, over 36,000 checks or ACH payments are issued. Each item is quality checked for accuracy to include where the expense is coded and for the validity of invoices and other documentation. All of the payments issued are recorded in the Lawson Accounting System. The Accounting Department then gathers the data to complete financial reporting. All records are archived in compliance with the State of Colorado Record Retention Guidelines.
    The 5 Accounts Payable Specialists are each assigned to a group of specific duties and vendors. The Accounts Payable Department tries to issue all payments within 30 days from the date of invoice and expedite payments that qualify for a cash discount. For employee reimbursements, we use direct deposit to the account that is on file with the Payroll Department.  
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    Staff Directory
    • Deborah Dennis:  (720-554-4622)
      C, F, H, I, K, R Facility Contracts, New Vendor paperwork
    • Cindy Fletcher:  (720-554-4612)
      A, B, D, J, L, O, Q, T, U, Y, Z
    • Mary MacDonald (720-554-4662)
      Direct Pay, Petty Cash Funds, Activity Funds, Mileage Reimbursement, Expense Advances, Utilities
    • Christine Rodriguez: (720-554-4616)
      E, G, M, N, P, S, V, W, X


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Last Modified on August 1, 2022