Purchasing Guide

  • How to do Business with Cherry Creek Schools

    Cherry Creek School District #5 is located in the Southeast Metropolitan Denver area. The District includes approximately 108 square miles. There are presently 41 elementary schools (grades K-5), one charter school (grades K-8), 10 middle schools (grades 6-8), one alternative middle school, one magnet school (grades K-8), one alternative high school, 6 high schools and a number of administrative and support offices. Student numbers are approximately 50,000, making Cherry Creek the 4th largest school district in Colorado of 176 school districts in the state. Included within the District are the cities of Cherry Hills Village, Glendale and Foxfield, as well as portions of Aurora, Greenwood Village, and Englewood.

    The Purchasing Department staff acts as the District's agents in dealing with all businesses supplying or aspiring to supply materials and services to the school District. Our objective is to obtain goods and services at the lowest and best cost consistent with the quality required to meet the needs of the District. We realize how essential it is to develop and maintain good relationships with our suppliers. The purpose of this guide is to acquaint you with Cherry Creek School District's process for procuring commodities and services.


    Bidders List

    The Purchasing Department maintains a list of vendors interested in supplying the District with specific materials and services. Cherry Creek School District will buy only from suppliers with high ethical standards and a record of adhering to specifications, maintaining shipping/delivery promises and giving a full measure of service.



    The method of solicitation is dependent upon the complexity and estimated cost of the item or service required. 

    • Purchases under $3,500 are processed through purchase orders. While competitive quotes may be obtained, they are not required.
    • Informal purchases over $3,500 are processed by soliciting at least three telephone or faxed quotations. The Purchasing Department tabulates and evaluates the quotes, and then issues an award based upon the lowest and best quote.
    • Formal bids for purchase over $25,000 are processed by issuing invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposals to prospective vendors. Sealed bids are opened publicly at the date and time designated on the bid documents. Bids are tabulated by the buyer and sent to the requesting school or department for recommendation. Proposals are evaluated by the buyer in conjunction with the school or department representative. Purchase orders or contracts are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor(s) whose bid or proposal best serves the interest of the school district.
    • Major construction projects are managed through the District's Facility Planning (Construction office is located at 4700 South Yosemite Street, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111.)


    Purchase Orders (POs)

    POs are awarded based upon a combination of factors such as: lowest competitive price quotations; best possible delivery; adherence to specifications; quality; and performance consistent with bid requirements. A Purchase Order is notification of acceptance of a vendor's offer and creates a binding contract between the vendor and the School District.


    Payments to Vendors

    Vendor's will be paid in a timely manner upon receipt of a correctly filled order and submission of an invoice. Questions regarding payments should be directed to the Accounts Payable Department. All invoices must reference the purchase order number assigned by the Purchasing Department.


    Cooperative Purchasing

    In an effort to achieve better pricing through quantity purchasing, Cherry Creek School District reserves the right to participate in cooperative bids with other local entities in lieu of initiating its own bid solicitation. The District is a participating member of two cooperative purchasing groups: the Cooperative Educational Purchasing Council (CEPC) and the Colorado Front Range Multiple Assembly of Procurement Officials (MAPO). Additionally, the District frequently purchases from State of Colorado pricing agreements, as well as other school district, cities, counties and General Services (GSA), bids.


    Ethical Behavior

    Purchasing activities shall be conducted in accordance with the Cherry Creek Purchasing Department Code of Ethics, District Personnel Rules and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding competitive bids. Ethical behavior is expected of each vendor doing business with the District. (Collusive and restraint of trade practices are expressly prohibited.


    Cherry Creek School District is a tax-exempt governmental entity.
    (Tax Exemption Certificate No. 98-02138)

Last Modified on January 5, 2022