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    The Cherry Creek School District Payroll Department provides service to approximately 9,500 employees.

    All employees are paid once per month on one of two paydays; the 10th of the month or the 20th of the month. 

    The pay schedule, by employee group, is as follows:

    10th Payday:  Bus Drivers, Early Childhood Education (ECE), Extended Child Services (ECS), Food Service Workers,Para-Professionals, Substitutes and other hourly employees.

    20th Payday:  Certified Employees - Administrators, Mental Health, Teachers, and School Nurses. Classified Employees - Clerical/Secretaries, Custodial, Maintenance, Grounds, Carpentry, Assistant Kitchen Managers, Kitchen Managers, Staff Support, and Vehicle Maintenance.

    The District offers and encourages direct deposit of paychecks. Approximately 90% of all district employees participate in the Automatic Deposit of their pay into the bank of their choice.

    The District benefit program is a comprehensive cafeteria plan with a side array of choices for the employees of Cherry Creek Schools. Tax Sheltered Annuity programs are available through a number of 403(b) providers. The District retirement program is provided through the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association (P.E.R.A.), which also offers a 401(k) pension plan.

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    Christine Michaud-Drill - Payroll Specialist
    Denise Rodriquez - Payroll Specialist

    Rose Smukler - Payroll Specialist

    Nathan Trojan - Payroll Specialist
    Stephanie West - Payroll / Accounts Payable Specialist

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Last Modified on June 22, 2023