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    The Office of Excellence and Equity was formed in the late 1980's, under the name Student Success and Multicultural Services as a result of shared interest by the district and community. The department was charged with assisting the Cherry Creek School District in promoting the democratic principles of the United States by providing all students, regardless of race, cultural background, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, or religion, with equitable and challenging learning experiences. This office served as a resource to administrators, teachers and schools to further the Cherry Creek mission "to inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, and to care." 

    Current Focus

    Today, the Office of Inclusive Excellence carries on the legacy of its founders and continues to focus on supporting academic achievement initiatives as a primary function. The following list details some of the general leadership and facilitation responsibilities of the staff:

    • Coordinate and facilitate professional development in the areas of Educational Equity, Culturally Responsive Education, AVID, and College and Career Counseling.
    • Facilitate parent and community partnerships through District P.A.S.S. (Partnerships for Academically Successful Students) to support increased student achievement.
    • Support the hiring and retention of teachers and administrators of color in an effort to ensure diversity in the workplace.
    • Partner with local and national organizations in an effort to identify resources and systems of support.
    • Support the district's College and Career Preparedness goal by promoting student access to rigorous learning opportunities.​

    The Office of Inclusive Excellence serves as a critical liaison between the district and its diverse community, working to promote racial, ethnic, linguistic, religious, sexual orientation, gender identity, and cultural understandings which form productive partnerships resulting in an inclusive learning community for all!


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Last Modified on August 10, 2021