Medicaid School Health Services Program

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    Cherry Creek School District participates in this state and federal funded program that allows our school district to seek partial reimbursement from the state of Colorado for the health and medical services provided in the school setting to students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and are on Medicaid. Colorado law requires these reimbursement funds be used to enhance, expand and improve the health and wellness of our Cherry Creek Schools students.

    Parents of those Medicaid-eligible IEP students in our district can be reassured that the school's Medicaid reimbursement does not affect the family's personal Medicaid benefits in any way.

    If you currently have a Medicaid Consent on file with the district and would like to change your consent in any way, please contact the district Medicaid department or complete a new Medicaid Consent form and send it to the district Medicaid office.

    Local Service Plan

    The Medicaid Local Service Plan (LSP) Committee consists of parents, community partners and district staff.  This Committee meets every five years to determine how Medicaid funds will be spent. Past monies have allowed the district to purchase and support the following:
    • Vision screeners to screen our Cherry Creek schools students while at school
    • Hearing testing equipment
    • Vision and dental exams for uninsured and underinsured students
    • Resource nurses to support our school nursing staff and a preschool nurse
    • Health liaisons to support our school nurses
    • Adaptive equipment for students with disabilities
    • Suicide and bullying prevention programs

    If you are interested in becoming part of the Medicaid LSP Committee, please contact the Medicaid department at

    Growth and the Future
    It is exciting to see how the Medicaid Program has grown over the years. Since the school district has a limited budget, participating in this Medicaid program allows the district to support many programs and purchase specialized health equipment that the district could otherwise not afford.

    There are 3 priority areas identified for use of the future program's reimbursement funds:

    1. Increase Mental Health Services
    2. Increase the number of CPR/First Aid certified district employees
    3. Support the district health providers with equipment to service the students they work with 


    We believe that healthy students are better learners.

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Last Modified on November 1, 2022