Expulsion Program

  • Cherry Creek Schools Expulsion Program provides educational services for middle and high school students who have been expelled from school.

    The program provides expelled students with academic instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies with the goal that the student maintains and increases skills in these instruction areas. Small-group processing sessions help students effectively deal with situations that, in the past, may have gotten them into trouble. The Expulsion Program staff works closely with the students' families through extensive intake interviews and frequent communication. The program collaborates with community agencies, including Arapahoe County Department of Social Services, City of Aurora and the 18th Judicial probation departments, community mental health centers and individual therapists with whom students are involved.

    Mission Statement

    The purpose of the Expulsion Program (EP) is to provide quality mathematics and English education for expelled students who reside within Cherry Creek Schools. It also serves as the Interim Alternative Emotional Placement for students with a disability that need such services due to placement or discipline determinations affecting students with disabilities.

    Admission and Attendance

    Once expelled, the student and parents schedule a meeting with the EP faculty to learn about the program's educational and behavior policies. Students earn the privilege of continued enrollment in the EP by complying with its rules, district policy, and the superintendent's requirements for early re-admission candidates. The latter may include mandatory UA's, counseling, and/or substance education or treatment.

    When the expulsion term expires, students enroll in their designated home school. Early re-admission candidates have their status evaluated by the home school and the EP staff several weeks prior to the superintendent's target date. If approved, early re-admission students return to their home school on probationary status.

     Students who cannot attend the EP on a full-time basis may request mathematics and English curricula that are available each week.

    Student Support

    To complement the academic curriculum the EP focuses on academic and social skills pertinent to students' long-term success in a traditional learning environment.

    Mental health support for students includes social skills development, decision-making strategies, self-esteem building and interpersonal relationships.

    As the Interim Alternative Educational Placement/Setting for students with disabilities this program provides services that give the student with a disability access to the general education curriculum and benefit on the student's IEP goals and objectives.



    •Students attend the Expulsion Program five days per week, 2 1/2 hours per day.
    •Follow-up meetings for students who have returned to school are conducted. These meetings involve the student, the Expulsion Program staff, and the student's dean, assistant principal and counselor. 

Expulsion Program

  • 1820 S. Joliet Street
    Aurora, Colorado 80012

    Phone: 720-747-2925

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  • ​Grades 6-9
    Monday - Friday

    ​Grades 10-12
    Monday - Friday

    Class schedules are subject to change based on program enrollment.

    New Student Intake
    Tuesday & Friday by appointment only

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