• I-Team Manor

    I-Team Manor is an off-campus alternative program for high school students with special needs in the Cherry Creek, Overland and Smoky Hill high schools feeder areas. Special needs may include learning, behavioral or emotional issues that make it difficult to be successful in their home high school. I-Team Manor provides a small educational community for 11th and 12th graders, ages 16-21, with a low student-to-teacher ratio. All students work closely with a case manager, who oversees the Individualized Education Program (IEP) of each student, graduation credits, discipline issues and academic progress.

    Mission Statement

    The I-Team programs provide a safe school environment that values learning, responsibility, respect, mentoring and life skills development so that all of our students will be prepared for a career or higher education.

    Social and Emotional Learning

    Social and emotional learning is an important component of education in the I-Team programs. All staff work to help students achieve personal growth by learning self-management techniques, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and healthy approaches to conflict resolution. These social-emotional skills promote success at school, home, the workplace and in life.  

    Educational Opportunities

    Academic Program

    • Small class sizes to increase individual attention
    • Project-based learning
    • Progress monitoring
    • Structured school day
    • Classes offered on quarter system.
    • Opportunities for extra credit/independent study
    • Preparation for higher level education

    Vocational Program

    • Vocational classes
    • Help with hourly jobs and work/study credit
    • Internships/apprenticeships
    • Volunteer activities
    • Job-shadowing opportunities
    • Placement in vocational programs or community college


    Graduation requirements follow district policy. Students receive a Cherry Creek Schools high school diploma upon graduation, and are encouraged to participate in their home school graduation ceremony. The I-Team community also holds a graduation ceremony.


I-Team Manor

  • 1855 S. Joliet Street
    Aurora, Colorado 80012
    Fax: 720-747-2951

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Last Modified on January 23, 2024