• Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center

    Cherry Creek Schools operates the educational program at the Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center.  This program is designed to meet the educational and affective needs of youth, who are preajudicated and awaiting disposition on their charges.  These students can range between 10-18 years old.
    The Education Program is in operation 195 days per year.  Only preadjudicated youth are taught by Cherry Creek Schools staff. 
    Cherry Creek Schools is legally required by Colorado State Statute, which dictates to school districts in which detention centers are located, to provide educational programming to preadjudicated youth. These youth within Cherry Creek Schools have been detained at the Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center, which is a maximum-security facility, for alleged crimes, and they are awaiting a court appearance. During the time of their incarceration, these youth offenders must participate in the school program.
    The school population averages between 60 and 80 students. The composition of the classes is determined by "pod" assignments. A "pod" is a location within the facility where the students live during their incarceration. The "pod" to which an individual is assigned is determined by the crime that they are accused of committing and their risk to the maintenance of the safety and security of the facility. Teachers differentiate the instruction of the curriculum to accommodate students, i.e., fundamentals in reading, writing, math, social studies, science, affective education, special education and computer training. These classes are the curricular components of the school. Teachers are aware of performance levels of students; each student is tested within seven school days and results are made known to teachers. Students do not have a choice about attending school. It is a required program during their incarceration.

    Mission Statement

    In partnership with the Division of Youth Corrections and our community, to enlighten and provide comprehensive educational programming for incarcerated youth in a safe and secure environment

Marvin W. Foote Youth Services Center

  • 13500 E. Fremont Place
    Englewood, CO 80112

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Last Modified on August 18, 2023