Literacy Programs

  • K-12 Literacy Mission

    To develop independent and confident readers, writers, communicators and thinkers by providing every student with authentic and rigorous learning experiences through a structured, culturally responsive and evidence-based approach to literacy instruction. Through high expectations that foster college and career readiness, CCSD will ensure students have the skills to compete in today's global, knowledge-based economy. 

    Middle School student holding a book

    Belief Statements

    We believe it is the responsibility of all District stakeholders to guarantee that students are given:

    • Access to an evidence-based approach to literacy instruction, enrichment, and intervention. 
    • Access to explicit, systematic literacy instruction that integrates listening, speaking, reading and writing. 
    • Access to literacy instruction designed to carefully structure and sequence important literacy skills and concepts to facilitate students’ literacy learning and progress.
    • Access to highly explicit instruction in foundational skills as well as in higher-level aspects of literacy instruction such as syntax, reading comprehension, text comprehension, and writing.
    • Access to texts diverse in culture, complexity, genre, and topics.
    • Opportunities to respond and practice what they are learning.
    • Opportunities to receive clear, prompt, constructive feedback.
    • Multiple practice opportunities for instructional tasks.
    • Opportunities to authentically engage during teacher-led instruction as well as during independent work.
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    PI Partner of K-12 English Language Arts
    Instructional Support Facility (ISF)



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    PI Partner of K-12 English Language Arts
    Instructional Support Facility (ISF)


Last Modified on January 11, 2022