• Curriculum

    Curriculum includes many resources: course offerings, activities, lessons, units, assessments, media, materials and can include publisher textbooks.

    Overarching Enduring Understandings

    • Art is a universal language that encompasses all forms of communication to express a variety of viewpoints, ideas and feelings.
    • Artists use a variety of problem-solving and decision-making skills to apply the elements of art, principles of design and sensory and expressive features in works of art.
    • Artists’ experiences with materials, tools, techniques, processes and technology in combination with concepts and themes result in works of art.
    • Through the study of art, people learn to make informed critical judgments, gain knowledge about visual communication and learn to respect one’s own expression and those of others.


    Overarching Essential Questions

    • How do artists use the language of art and design in communication?
    • Why and how do artists apply the elements of art and principles of design in works of art?
    • Why is the exploration and application of materials, tools, techniques, processes and technology in a safe and responsible manner important in visual art?
    • How does art impact the world and the world impact art?
    • How is art analyzed and understood?
Last Modified on January 16, 2019