Literacy Instructional Practices

  • The Cherry Creek School District aligns all components of literacy instruction with the Colorado Academic Standards. Literacy instruction is purposeful, direct, explicit, systematic, and grounded in the science of reading. Cherry Creek teachers deliver reading and writing instruction through a workshop model that includes a standards-based mini lesson, work time (independent practice, student-teacher conferencing, small group work, differentiated instruction) and lesson closure with the opportunity for students to reflect on growth and next steps.

    ​​​​​Girl in library reading

    Guiding Visions for Standards​

    • All students must have the opportunities and resources to develop the language skills they need to pursue life’s goals and to participate fully as informed, productive members of society.
    • These standards assume that literacy growth begins before children enter school as they experience and experiment with literacy activities—reading and writing, and associating spoken words with their graphic representations.
    • They encourage the development of curriculum and instruction that make productive use of the emerging literacy abilities that children bring to school.
    • These standards provide ample room for the innovation and creativity essential to teaching and learning.
    • They are not prescriptions for particular curriculum or instruction.
    • These standards are interrelated and should be considered as a whole, not as distinct and separable.

    Source: NCTE / IRA Standards for the English Language Arts

Last Modified on January 11, 2022