Health Curriculum

  • Curriculum refers to the learning experiences that are provided to students in order to meet the rigorous standards in health.  Effective health curriculum is comprehensive, sequential and developmentally appropriate (addresses physical, social, emotional, environmental, cultural dimensions), relevant, and participatory. 

    Colorado State Academic Standards in Comprehensive Health provide the framework for what to teach and include three main concept areas:

    • Physical and Personal Wellness
    • Emotional and Social Wellness
    • Prevention and Risk Management

    Elementary Curriculum:
    At the elementary level, the health education curriculum is implemented by the classroom teacher.

    Secondary Curriculum:
    Students are required to have .5 units of study in Health in high school to graduate from the Cherry Creek School District. Health education is highly recommended for middle school students.

  • Kindergarten Key Concepts and Topics

  • 1st Grade Key Concepts and Topics

  • 2nd Grade Key Concepts and Topics

  • 3rd Grade Key Concepts and Topics

  • 4th Grade Key Concepts and Topics

  • 5th Grade Key Concepts and Topics

  • 6th-8th Grade Focus Concepts and Skills

  • High School Focus Concepts and Skills

Last Modified on February 26, 2019