• Assessment

    In the Cherry Creek School District, assessments are generally defined as the various methods or tools teachers use to determine what students know, understand and are able to do. Assessments serve to answer PLC Question 2: How will we know students have learned? Teachers check student learning at all levels, from daily classroom activities through performance on district and state summative assessments and allow us to evaluate successes and challenges related to PLC Question 1:  What do we expect every student to learn? and also provide information for determining appropriate responses for PLC Question 3: What will we do when every student has not yet learned? and PLC Question 4: What will we do when students have already mastered the content?

    Physical education/health teachers monitor the progress of students on a daily basis using a variety of assessments.

    • Informal Formative Assessment
    • Formal Formative Assessment
    • Summative Assessment
    • Teacher observation
    • Self-Evaluation
    • Personal Fitness Plan
    • Performance Assessments


Last Modified on January 15, 2019