• Curriculum

    Curriculum refers to the learning experiences that are provided to students in order to meet the rigorous standards in social studies. Curriculum includes concepts, skills and topics; teacher-designed instructional units; course sequence; instructional materials including publisher’s textbooks, literature, software, trade books and printed material; technology; media; and field trips.

    The World Languages curriculum is a sequential program in the study of the language. The curriculum focuses on the language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in connection with contextual communication and cultural mores. Students are actively engaged in thinking and learning processes which include intensive involvement in the target language accompanied by differentiated, personalized, communicative activities and lessons.

    In order to prepare students for a successful post-secondary educational and work experience, the students are strongly encouraged  to participate in a rigorous academic core curriculum of at least one year of a World Language.

Last Modified on January 16, 2019