• Curriculum

    Curriculum refers to the learning experiences that are provided to students in order to meet the rigorous Colorado state standards in World Languages. Curriculum includes concepts, skills and topics; teacher-designed instructional units; course sequence; instructional materials including publisher’s textbooks, literature, software, and other authentic printed materials; technology; media; and field trips.

    The World Languages curriculum is a sequential program focusing on the four basic skills of language development: speaking, reading, writing, and listening in connection with contextual communication and cultural understanding. Culture is taught and analyzed in three different tiers, products, practices, and finally perspectives. In other words, what are the products that represent a culture like food, clothing, etc.? What are the ceremonies, holidays, etc. people from the culture practice? And what deeper perspective does all of this teach us about their cultural values?

    In order to prepare students for a successful post-secondary educational and work experience, students are strongly encouraged  to participate in a rigorous academic core curriculum of at least two years of a World Language.

Last Modified on August 15, 2022