Colorado Open Records Act Request

  • The Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to public records of government bodies at all levels in Colorado, including school districts. There is no duty for government bodies to create public records that do not already exist. Cherry Creek School District is proud to be transparent and asks all of our stakeholders to be responsible with taxpayers' resources.

    Two important exceptions to CORA are requests for student records and portions of personnel files.

    Student Records: The confidentiality rules and release procedures of academic records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA") and are not subject to disclosure under CORA. To obtain current student records, please contact your child's school directly. To obtain former student records, please click here.

    Personnel Files: CORA prohibits public school districts from releasing parts of employee personnel files including, but not limited to: home addresses, telephone numbers, financial information, certain employee evaluation reports, letters of reference, and other information maintained because of the employer-employee relationship.

    Production Timeline: Requested information will be returned in three business days if documents are readily available. Additional time may be necessary if documents are not easily obtained. Requests received after 4:00 p.m. will be considered received on the next business day.


    Send CORA Requests to

  • CORA Fees

    First hour: No Charge

    Additional Time: $41.37 per hour*

    All fees will be required to be paid prior to the release of any records. Cherry Creek School District may require and collect a 50% advance deposit of estimated research, retrieval and copy fees for public records requests that will require significant staff time and resources to complete. Cherry Creek School District may require and collect 100% advance deposit of estimated research, retrieval, and copy fees for public records requests from any person who has made a previous request and not paid. The time period for responding to the CORA request does not begin until the deposit has been received.

    To make a payment for a CORA request, click here.

    *As of July 22, 2024

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