Foreign Exchange

  • Applications for the 2024-25 school year will be accepted from January 1, 2024 through May 15, 2024.

    Foreign Exchange Student Program Information for Cherry Creek Schools

    The CCSD Board of Education understands and appreciates the cultural and linguistic contributions to education made possible by interaction with students from various countries.  Therefore, the Board may authorize the admission of a limited number of international exchange students on a tuition-free basis to the regular educational programs offered in the district's schools under the provision of Board Policy JFABB

    • International exchange programs are approved by the district on an annual basis. 
    • District approval must be obtained prior to seeking the admission of any international exchange student to a district school.   
    • Host families are not able to apply independently and must work with a CSIET certified exchange organization. CCSD has no impact upon any fees related to working with an exchange organization.
    • For Organizations: Please contact the Manager of Admissions & Student Records at (720) 886-7484 or for more information or to register your organization with the district and to submit student applications. Please do not contact the school directly for assistance. 
    • Applications will be reviewed starting March 1st.
    • All complete exchange student applications must be received by May 15th. Late applications will not be considered.

    The Cherry Creek School District accepts foreign exchange students through district approved exchange organizations listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET).  The students and their families contact a CSIET representative within their own home country.  A list of these organizations can be found on the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel website.

    The student's family and exchange representative make arrangements for a qualified host family living in the area to host the student for one school year.  Once the arrangements have been made, the organization's Denver area representative will contact the Cherry Creek School District foreign exchange liaison (Jeremy Wimer via email at and send the required student and host family information for review. This information must be completed and received no later than the last Friday in May before Memorial Day for consideration.

    If the student and host family meet the school district's requirements and are accepted by the high school administrator, the exchange group will issue a J-1 Visa and arrange travel for the student to and from Denver, Colorado.

    District Requirements:

    • Exchange Organizations must be listed in the current CSIET Publication
    • No more than two students from the same Exchange Organization shall be admitted to any one high school
    • Each school can accept only two students from any one country
    • The host family must have a child attending the same high school
    • Accepted students must attend the Host Home neighborhood high school
    • Exchange students are not eligible to graduate or receive a diploma from Cherry Creek School District
    • Students will need a score of 700+ on ELTiS

    School Requirements:


    3 students. Full year or 1st semester only. Juniors & Seniors only.


    4 students. Full year or 1st semester students only. Seniors accepted for 1st Semester ONLY.


    4 students. Full year students only. No 12th grade students.


    4 students. Full year or 1st semester only. Seniors accepted.


    4 students. Full year students only. No 12th grade students.  


    4 students. Full year students only. Seniors accepted.  


    The student will attend the neighborhood high school for one school year and then return to his/her home country. The student will not graduate or receive a diploma from any of the high schools within Cherry Creek Schools. Per U.S. Federal Law, public schools can only accept high school-age students.

    The foreign exchange liaison reviews exchange student applications submitted from February through May, and then forwards them on to the school for consideration.  Do not contact the school directly with questions or applications.  

Last Modified on December 29, 2023