• Review and Interview


    Once you have completed and submitted your online application AND added job position(s) to your profile, HR will review your application and documentation to determine if you meet the requirements for the position(s) for which you have applied. 


    School or department administrators will then review applicants to determine who best meets the qualifications of the position and will ​schedule interviews at the school or district building where the vacancy exists.


    I have not been called for an interview.  What can I do?

    Please contact the school or building to which you applied to find out the status.

    I had an interview but I haven't heard back?

    Please contact the school or buidling to which you applied to find out the status.

  • Reference Checks

    The principal or supervisor will complete the appropriate reference checks.  Please make sure you have provided the most up-to-date contact information.

  • I-9 Form and E-fingerprints

    HR must have your I-9 form and e-fingerprints on file in order for you to begin working or attend trainings.  HR will provide scheduling instructions by email.

  • Salary Placement

    Salary placement is based upon verified prior years of experience and official transcripts.

    Education Level (Grade):

    We must have a copy of your official transcripts (front and back) that include the degree(s) awarded and conferred date. Any additional coursework above your degree must be graduate level and completed after your degree conferred date. All credit(s) given in quarter hours or units will be converted to semester hours. We do not accept unofficial transcripts, grade reports, graduate certificates and credits issued by previous school districts.

    Our educational levels are BA, BA+15, MA, MA+15, MA+30, MA+45, MA+60 and MA+75.

    Experience Level (Step):

    The Cherry Creek School District grants experience credit for up to and including five (5) years. In identified "hard-to-fill" positions, up to ten (10) years of experience may be granted. Per Policy 4141(E), a year of previous teaching experience is given if that experience meets the following criteria:

    1. Teacher held a valid teaching certificate/license issued by that state.
    2. Teacher was under contract and paid on the official salary schedule for licensed personnel of that district.
    3. Teacher worked at least a 50% contract and at least 90 days.

    You must complete and submit a verification of employment form to your previous employer for verification.

    For a clinical setting, the experience must have been at least 6 months or more as a full-time employee during a twelve (12) month period.  Please review Policy 4141 for further details.

    All official transcripts and employment verification forms must be received in HR within 30 calendar days of your hire date.  Retroactive pay will not be granted for official transcripts and/or verification forms received later than 30 days after hire date.

    Salary Schedule can be found here​.​

  • New Hire Orientation

    The Cherry Creek School District will communicate the dates and times of our required orientation.

Last Modified on June 1, 2022