• Pin Code System

    Each student is assigned a PIN number that connects to their personal account where a parent or gaurdian may deposit money. The account may only be used for purchase of meals and a la carte food items. If you are unsure of your student's PIN number, the kitchen manager at your student's school can provide you with that information. 

  • Cash/Check Payments

    Cash: Can be deposited into meal account and meal price will be deducted from account each tme a purchase is made.

    Check: To deposit money to meal account using a check, please make payable to Cherry Creek Schools Food and Nutrition Services.

    Credit/debit care cannot be used in the cafeteria. If you are wanting to use a credit/debit card please refer to our online payment options below.

  • PayPams: Online Payment

    Paypams is a convenient online payment system that allows parents to pay for their student's meals online 24-hours a day using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards. Debit cards that have a Mastercard logo are also accepted. You may access the website to perform the following actions on your student's account:

    • Deposit money into your student's account
    • Check account balance
    • Monitor what your student is purchasing in the cafeteria
    • Check payment history
    • Create an automatic payment schedule

    Visit Paypams to learn how to creat an account. Please note, it takes one to two school days for a payment to replenish your child's account at the school cafeteria. Your balance on the Paypams website will reflect your recent payment only after the school cafeteria confirms receipt of payment. Paypams recommends paying in advance or setting up an automatic payment schedule.

    PayPams: Online Payment of School Meals

  • Student Account Refunds

    To receive a refund from a student meal account, please submit a request in writing to the school's kitchen manager or by email to Alex Bilozub at abilozub@cherrycreekschools.org. Please provide student's name, parent name, school name and home address for all refunds. A check will be issued for all refunds over $5.00 at elementary and $10.00 at middle and high schools.

Last Modified on February 7, 2019