• portrait of Christopher Smith, Superintendent

    Dear Cherry Creek Schools Students and Parents,

    The roadmap to your pathway of purpose is here.

    I’m excited to introduce the Cherry Creek Schools College and Career Planning Website for middle and high school students, a resource designed to help connect every single student with their own unique pathway of purpose. In the comprehensive resources featured on this site, you’ll find important information about planning the academic route through middle school, high school and the exciting possibilities beyond.

    These tools are all about every student’s individual pathway to excellence. Whether you’re bound for a two- or four-year college, an apprenticeship, a direct entrance into a career or service in the military, you’ll find the tools and information necessary to help make every one of your academic and professional dreams come true.

    The resources collected here spotlight our diverse and challenging academic programs, our schools and our facilities. On this site, you’ll find information that spells out in detail the requirements set out by the school board and the state for graduation. In these pages and links, you’ll learn about valuable resources in the district, such as the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus (CCIC). This one-of-a-kind facility connects CCSD high school students with exciting professional training and opportunities to connect them with their passions and their purpose. You’ll also find timelines and checklists designed by the district’s guidance counselors and advisors; these useful tools are meant to make college applications, scholarships, career and technical training, financial aid and a host of other topics as manageable and streamlined as possible.

    All of these resources are designed for you, and I encourage you to make full use of them throughout your time in the district. At Cherry Creek Schools, we want to make sure that every single one of our students have every tool they need to build the best path to their right future. We are committed to remaining true to our core values: Whole Well-Being, Relationships, Equity, Engagement and Growth Mindset. Your teachers, counselors and school communities are here to help you on that journey.

    Best Wishes,

    Christopher Smith

Last Modified on July 26, 2023