Online Summer School for Credit Recovery or Progression:

  • CCSD Online Summer School for Credit Recovery is for students who received a D or F in the equivalent class taken during the school year. Students who received an A, B, or C during the regular school year are NOT eligible to repeat the class in Summer School to improve their grade. Students seeking credit recovery/grade replacement should refer to the in-person course information on the previous page. The in-person Health class will be available for any student who needs credit recovery -or- credit progression. 

    Any year long class will only be offered in the same Session that coincides with the Semester. For example, US History Semester 1 will only be offered in Session I and Semester 2 in Session II. If your student needs to take a Semester 1 class, it will have to be taken in Session I and a Semester 2 class will have to be taken in Session II.

    Please be aware CCSD IT team have limited access to all CCSD programs and applications from devices outside of the United States due to a need to increase our security measures. This means that students who have registered for Online Summer School will NOT have access to ANY CCSD PROGRAMS or APPS that require authentication if you are outside the United States.  This includes Canvas and my.cherrycreek.  If you are planning to be out of the country during a summer school session, you will not be able to register for a class during that time 

    The grade students receive in Summer School will replace their initial grade, regardless of whether the Summer School grade is higher or lower. The grade earned during Summer School will be reflected on their transcript and will be calculated into their GPA. Students may take the Summer School class to retrieve .50 of a credit, provided that they receive a Summer School grade that is higher than an F.  

    Students are eligible to earn a total of .5 credit in each session of Online Summer School. Students who need credit recovery for .25 credit (quarter) of NCAA-approved courses are also eligible to enroll.

    CCSD Online Summer School for Credit Progression is for students wishing to take a class to advance in a particular subject area. Credit Progression allows the student an opportunity to earn original credit in the department of their choice. Any student electing to take a course for progression should plan on enrolling in the full course (both semesters for a year-long course.) The grade earned during each quarter of Online Summer School will be reflected on the student's transcript and will be calculated into their cumulative GPA.

    • Current 8th-graders (incoming 9th-graders) are only eligible to take online Math courses for progression if the prerequisites have been met in middle school. Prior written approval by their middle school counselors is required. Registrations will not be complete until counselor approval has been received. 
    • For 8th-graders, no high school credit will be awarded. The course and grade earned will appear on their high school transcript but will not be calculated into their high school GPA.
    • Online summer school courses are rigorous. Students will be taught an entire 20-week semester within each 3-week summer session and should plan to commit 6-7 hours per day to the coursework on Canvas.
    • Online summer school courses are self-paced and quarter-based. All work for each quarter is due by the end of that particular quarter. Students will earn two quarter grades instead of one semester grade.
    • Online summer school students will be expected to complete most of their work asynchronously and at their own pace. Teachers will be available throughout the week to offer instructional support by email during regular summer school hours.
    • Year-long courses consist of two semesters that run consecutively. Semester 1 of a year-long course will only be offered during Session I. Semester 2 of a year-long course will only be offered during Session II. Semester-long courses such as PE, Health, and Government) will be offered during both Session 1 and Session 2.
    • The last day students can drop an online course without having the course show up on their transcript for any session is the end of the first day of class at 4 pm.

    Session 1:  June 3-June 21, 2024 (no classes on June 19)

    • Registration begins on March 25, 2024 
    • Registration Deadline:  May 28, 2024
    • Quarter 1:  June 3-June 11, 2024
    • Quarter 2:  June 12-June 21, 2024

    Session II:  June 24-July 12, 2024 (no classes on July 4)

    • Registration begins on March 27, 2024
    • Registration Deadline:  June 19, 2024
    • Quarter 3:  June 24-July 2, 2024
    • Quarter 4:  July 3-July 12, 2024

    All 8th-Grade Students:  Registration ends 5/19/24. Prior written approval is required from their middle-school and district counselors.

    Please Note:  If your student is on hold status with the Cherry Creek School District for any reason (Change-of-Address Needed, Renewal of Co-Residency or Temporary Guardianship, etc.), then the hold status needs to be cleared with District Admissions prior to the start of summer school classes. The link to the District Admissions webpage can be found at the following link:  

    Registration Link:

    Tuition and Pricing:

    • Class size is limited and registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    • Payment must be made at the time of registration.
    • Payment can be made by either debit card or credit card.
    • A limited number of CCSD scholarships are available for CREDIT RECOVERY only. Please speak with your high school counselor for details. During registration, if the scholarship button is checked and your student has not been approved, the registration will show an error and cannot be completed. Please do not select the scholarship option if your student has not been approved.
    • 9th-graders who received an F during the regular school year receive an automatic 50% scholarship. However, students MUST take the summer school class for recovery before they enter 10th grade.
    • Online Session for In-District 9th-grader who received a D:  $250.00
    • Online Session for In-District 9th-grader who received an F:  $125.00 (9th Grade Automatic Scholarship)
    • Online Session for In-District Students Grades 10-12:  $250.00

Online Course Offerings

  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • American Government

  • Chemistry

  • Earth & Physical Science

  • English and Creative Writing

  • Geometry

  • Health - Course Full

  • Personal Fitness - Course Full

  • Spanish 3

  • US History

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