• Salary Placement

    Salary placement is based upon verified prior years of experience and official transcripts.


    Education Level (Grade):

    We must have a copy of your official transcripts (front and back) that include the degree(s) awarded and conferred date. Any additional coursework above your degree must be graduate level and completed after your degree conferred date. All credit(s) given in quarter hours or units will be converted to semester hours. We do not accept unofficial transcripts, grade reports, graduate certificates and credits issued by previous school districts.

    • Our educational levels are: BA, BA+30, MA, MA+30, MA+60, MA+90 and PhD.


    Experience Level (Step):

    The Cherry Creek School District may grant experience credit for up to and including six (6) years. In identified hard-to-fill positions, up to eleven (11) years of experience may be granted, and up to thirteen (13) years for extremely hard-to-fill positions.

    • CCSD 2024-2025 Hard-to-Fill positions and potential new hire step eligibility can be found here.

    Per Policy 4141(E), a year of previous experience is given if that experience meets the following criteria:

    1. Employee held a valid certificate/license issued by that state.
    2. Employee was under contract and paid on the official salary schedule for licensed personnel of that district.
    3. Employee worked at least a 50% contract and at least 90 days.

    You must complete and submit a verification of previous professional experience to your previous employer(s) for verification. This document will also be provided to you in your onboarding tasks.

    *For a clinical setting, the experience must have been at least 6 months or more as a full-time employee during a twelve (12) month period.  Please review Policy 4141 for further details.

    All official transcripts and employment verification forms must be received in HR within 30 calendar days of your hire date.  Retroactive pay will not be granted for official transcripts and/or verification forms received later than 30 days after hire date.


    Salary Schedule:

    Salary Schedule can be found here​.​

    Use the licensed salary calculator to find your estimated salary:

    23-24 Licensed Salary Calculator

    External Applicants Apply Here

    Internal Applicants Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is licensure required?

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    An active license or appropriate authorization issued by the Colorado Department of Education with the correct endorsement is required. Please know, CCSD takes this requirement seriously. If you are considering an Alternative license with the CDE, CCSD will not sign off on Interim Alternative licenses as teachers with Interim Alternative licenses are not considered In Field in the content area. We require all licensed employees to be considered In Field.

    Questions About Educator Preparation & Licensure Requirements:
    Email CDELicensing@cde.state.co.us
    Call 303-866-6628
    Phone hours: 7:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Thursday

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  • How do I transfer my non-probationary status?

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    Please click here for more information on portability.

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  • When do I get paid?

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    All licensed employees are paid once a month on the 20th.  New hires starting the first contractual work day of the school year are paid from August to July.

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Last Modified on March 26, 2024