• Research Requests

    ***Requests will be accepted and reviewed during the time period October 1 through April 15 of the school year.  Requests received after April 15 will not be reviewed until the next review cycle the following school year.***

    CCSD has a formal process for applying to do research within our district. To apply to complete a research project at CCSD, please do the following:

    How is research defined?

    CCSD defines research is defined as:

    • any primary data collection (e.g., survey administration, focus groups, interviews, etc.) to be conducted from or about CCSD students, staff or parents; OR
    • any analyses of internal or external databases containing CCSD student, staff, or school data.

    The following activities are not considered research:

    • Observations or class visitations by university students or by individuals in such classes that are not covered by these procedures when no data collection is involved. Contacts regarding these visits should be made with the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 720-554-5556.
    • Piloting of curricular/instructional materials or techniques where no data collection for external purposes occurs. Contacts should be made with the Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction at 720-554-5556.

    Who should be the initial contact?

    The first contact regarding external research should be with the Office of Assessment and Performance Analytics, rather than directly with school staff, principals, or individual staff members. Please direct all research related questions to assessment@cherrycreekschools.org.

    What is the timeline for receiving approval?

    The review of requests can take between 4-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the number of CCSD administrators (outside of the Office of Assessment and Performance Analytics) needed to adequately review the proposal. Priority is given to research that supports our Strategic Priorities. The approval process can proceed most quickly when your research application follows guidelines as set forth in the CCSD Research Guide.

Last Modified on August 10, 2023