Mental Health Teams

  • The Mental Health Team services each building/program in the district. The majority of schools are served by a team consisting of a social worker and a psychologist, thus providing the benefits of two disciplines with complementary training and backgrounds. Some smaller programs however, have services provided by only one mental health professional.
    The Mental Health Team works with the building administrators, special services team, general education staff, and community to determine and prioritize mental health needs of the school. Mental health services are accessible to all students, staff, and parents in the Cherry Creek community.
    Helping create safe, caring, and motivating schools for all students is an important goal. The Mental Health Team provides ongoing support to schools in the attainment of this goal. The Team embraces a preventative and early intervention model. Efforts are made to work collaboratively with students, staff, and parents to foster success and resiliency.
    Through both problem-solving and IEP team procedures, the social/emotional/behavioral education and training provided by the Mental Health Team supports academic achievement and development of life skills. In addition, the Mental Health Team helps to identify and understand an individual student's strengths and needs, so these can be included in school success planning.



Last Modified on March 28, 2019