Concurrent Enrollment

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    What is Concurrent Enrollment (CE)?

    It is the simultaneous enrollment of a student in both a high school and a higher education institution in one or more courses.  Educators who are endorsed in both college and 6-12 institutions teach these tuition-free concurrent enrollment courses.  Upon successful completion of a course, students will receive college-level credit and meet the high school graduation guidelines.  

    Click here to see how to qualify for concurrent enrollment

    • Concurrent Enrollment college credit is subject to course and teacher approval and completion of all required registration steps within the designated semester deadline.
    • Courses are subject to cancellation for Concurrent Enrollment college credit due to unforeseen circumstances.
    • Prerequisites to courses may change at any time.

    Apply to Community College of Aurora

    The first step in earning CE credit is to become a student at CCA. Click here to go to the CCA site to apply now--the application is free!

    Need help applying?

    Here is a step-by-step PDF to make sure you are completing the process correctly or watch this video to help you navigate the process.


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