• English



    Students will read, analyze, and discuss a variety of texts from the 20th Century which deal with the theme of “power”.  Students will learn that although time, culture, country, and mechanism of communication may vary, these authors use their texts as a vehicle to communicate their message of the use, abuse, and resistance of power.  In addition, students will learn to think critically about the texts and reflect their thoughts through writing.  Students will also reflect upon and evaluate the current power struggles in their lives and complete a project which communicates their views.



    Children’s Literature is an English class designed for juniors and seniors.  This course focuses on literature written for children.  It follows Jean Piaget’s stages of child development to study the educational needs of children and how various authors address those needs.  Study also focuses on literary elements, including plot, character and style. 



    Contemporary Authors is a survey course of literature from the last 30 years.  Students will study the structure of poetry, short story, memoir, and novel.  In addition, in this course students will work to improve their vocabulary and writing skills.  This course is for juniors and seniors.



    Creative Writing provides a supportive environment for students to write in a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, students’ drama and memoir/creative nonfiction. They will have the opportunity to expand and revise their work, aided, when appropriate, by exercises that emphasize particular writing elements and skills. Writing will be shared with others and students will learn techniques for constructive literary criticism.



    The English Literature and Composition course helps students become careful, close readers of literature. Students engage in critical analysis of texts including novels, short stories, poems, plays, and nonfiction.  Lit and Comp also helps students become skilled writers for a variety of purposes. Students deepen their understanding of why writers use language depending on their audience and sharpen their skills by writing for different purposes. This course meets daily during a block and is worth .50 credits.



    This class will explore the themes of identity through short essays, biographies, and stories.  Class time will focus on how various things shape our identity such as culture, family and societal norms.  Students will analyze how various authors use text to reflect upon and establish their identity.  Students will reflect upon their own journeys and identity formation by completing a “Who am I?” project.  Music and video of other cultures will be explored.  This class will focus on increasing students’ abilities to think critically and reflectively about texts, ask higher level questions when reading, and analyze why and what authors do in order to establish themes in literature.



    In this course, students will study and write about the best essays and short fiction works.  In doing so, we will broaden our appreciation of literature and sharpen our writing skills.  Students will prepare for standardized testing, learn to distinguish between fact and opinion, and begin to develop the research skills necessary for college.  Finally, we will explore how literature reflects our human experience and compliments the social and natural sciences.



    Writing on Film strives to educate students on film techniques and how they are used by directors in much the same way authors use literary devices.  Students will use critical thinking skills to analyze and critique American films from Hitchcock to Lucas and Spielberg.  This course is for juniors and seniors.