Concurrent Enrollment

  • Cherry Creek School District offers college credit to qualified students for successful completion of the following courses at Grandview High School:

    • Introduction to College Composition 121
    • Introduction to College Composition 122
    • Introduction to College Literature 115
    • Survey of African American Literature
    • Accounting 2
    • Introduction to Business
    • Business Law
    • Introduction to Criminal Justice
    • Intermediate College Algebra
    • College Algebra
    • College Trigonometry
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing 2
    • Graphic Design 1
    • Graphic Design 2
    • Computer Aided Design
    • Engineering Design
    • Programming Game Design


    College credit for the above courses is offered through the Community College of Aurora or Arapahoe Community College.

    To qualify for these opportunities, a student must first complete prerequisites which may include Accuplacer, ACT/SAT scores, and/or course completion.

    Below are the facts you should know:

    • Students will also receive high school graduation credit for CE course(s).
    • Students must be enrolled in this class for the entire semester or year and finish with a grade of C or higher.
    • Students are required to complete a Concurrent Enrollment application for each course. A Concurrent Enrollment application form shall include, but need not be limited to, the following: Assurance of consent by the Qualified Student and parent or legal guardian to the following: The Qualified Student will register for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend and understand that credits earned will be deducted from the COF lifetime account (145.0 credit hours) for courses being taken at Institutions of Higher Education that participate in the College Opportunity Fund, with the exception of basic skills credits.
    • The college credit will be awarded through the Community College of Aurora ( CCA) or Arapahoe Community College (ACC). Students should check with their transferring institution regarding the transferability of the course.
    • Students may enroll in the courses listed above without earning college credit.

    In addition to concurrent enrollment, the following courses are offered through the University of Colorado Denver:

    • Intermediate College Chinese 1
    • Intermediate College Chinese 2
    • Intermediate College German 1
    • Intermediate College German 2
    • Calculus 3/Differential Equations
    • Intermediate College French 2

    Courses offered through Metropolitan State University of Denver include:

    • Aviation Fundamentals
    • ProStart 1
    • ProStart 2