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    • Grandview students are required to take three credits of mathematics for graduation. In light of increasing expectations for acceptance to in-state colleges and with our focus on “Commitment to Core” at Grandview High School, all students are strongly encouraged to take four years of mathematics. Course offerings in mathematics provide ample opportunity for students to meet this expectation and prepare for college or other post-high school options.

      The math program at Grandview is divided into three sequences, each traditional in nature. See the department flowchart for more specifics about the courses offered in each of these sequences. It is our goal to have all students complete Algebra 1 by the end of their freshman year. Students interested in mathematics, engineering, and science-related careers should consider taking courses in the rigorous Honors Sequence that leads to AP Calculus BC. Students desiring to major in mathematics at the university level should also consider AP Statistics.

      Graphing calculators are powerful learning tools in both math and science classrooms and are used extensively throughout the math and science curricula at Grandview. We believe the purchase of a graphing calculator is an investment in a solid high school education. Grandview math and science teachers are proficient using the TI-83 series of calculators for class demonstrations and activities. See your teacher for purchase information.

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