Social Studies

  • All students must earn three Social Studies credits in order to graduate from Grandview HighSchool. Of the three credits, one credit must be achieved in United States History. This credit may be earned in one of the following ways.
    1. U.S. History 11th grade
    2. AP United States History 11th grade
    Students must also take 1/2 credit of Government for graduation. This can be met in one of four ways:
    1. Government (taken with Geography)
    2. Government – Semester course offered during their junior and senior year for students who took AP Human Geography during their freshman or sophomore year.
    3. AP U.S. Government (typically taken in 11th or 12 grade)
    4. Online Government
    While only 3 credits are required for graduation, it is highly recommended that all students who plan to attend college take at least 4 credits of Social Studies. Recommended credits include Geography, Government, U.S. History and AP level courses.