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  •  Christine Jauregui-Citte

    Christine Jauregui-Citte - Department Chair

    The Grandview World Language program is standards-based, emphasizing the National Standards for communication, cultural comparisons, and connections. According to these standards, students must be able to perform the following: write in the foreign language using effective writing strategies to communicate clearly; read the foreign language to construct meaning from a variety of materials; speak the foreign language to convey meaning through speech in both formal and informal situations; listen to the foreign language and interpret verbal cues to construct meaning; and understand the cultural context of the foreign language.

    Due to the sequential nature of language development, it is recommended that each student demonstrate proficiency in standards assessments in writing, reading, speaking, listening, and cultural comparisons upon completion of each language level. With this assessment process, each student is prepared for the next level of language development and has the skills to achieve his/her potential. Because technology is an integral aspect of today's world, the World Language curriculum incorporates the use of the Internet, interacting with CD-DVD Rom programs, and creating multi-media presentations.

    Although not a graduation requirement of Grandview High School, learning a world language is strongly encouraged. Many colleges have a minimum foreign language entrance requirement (see page 1 for CCHE guidelines). For example, some programs at the University of Colorado require completing level 3 in a single language, and other state schools strongly advocate completing at least level 2 of a foreign language.

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