Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

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    What is AVID at Smoky Hill?

    It is a community that will… motivate you to succeed, empower you to self-advocate, improve your reading and writing skills, and enhance your abilities to organize and collaborate.  In other words…it is an in-school family that will support a student's commitment to be College Ready!

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    Western State Photo  Caption: 2017 AVID Field Trip to Gunnison Colorado


    Why should students be a part of the AVID program at Smoky Hill?


    •  It provides ACADEMIC SUPPORT to students who have a desire to challenge themselves in high school
    •  It creates independent  and mindful THINKERS
    •  It  inspires students to ADVOCATE for themselves.
    •  It encourages effective COLLABORATION
    •  It cultivates QUALITY NOTE-TAKERS 
    •  It supports students as they apply for COLLEGE and SCHOLARSHIPS
    •  It pushes students to acquire and sharpen TIME MANAGEMENT and ORGANIZATION SKILLS
    •  AVID is FAMILY.


    Do you want to be a part of the AVID program at Smoky Hill? 

    Please complete the AVID application below and return to Ms Vogelsang to set up an interview.


    Do you have questions about the AVID program?

    Contact Adrienne Vogelsang at