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  • English Department Grading Policy

    English Department Grading Policy

    The Smoky Hill High School English Department uses the following grading categories and category weights to assess students:

    • Accountability = 20%
    • Formative Assessment = 30%
    • Summative Assessment = 40%
    • Final (First & Second Semester) = 10%

    Accountability: The grades in this category are based on the College Career Readiness Standards, which evaluate a student’s college and career preparedness. This category includes an assessment of a student’s ability to participate in class effectively, submit work in a timely manner, and uphold the class expectations per the teacher’s syllabus.

    Formative Assessment: The assignments in this category are based on the Colorado Academic Standards, which evaluate a student’s process of gaining content knowledge and skills. This category includes any daily assessments, as well as homework given to reinforce skill acquisition.

    Summative Assessments: Based on the Colorado Academic Standards, the assignments in this category assess student learning throughout and at the end of an instructional unit by evaluating it against specific learning targets. Typically these assignments are culminating activities, such as essays, unit exams, projects, Socratic Seminars, etc.

    Final: Smoky Hill High School’s expectation is that students are given a culminating assessment at the end of each semester.

    All grades are based on the standard scale: A = 100% - 90% B = 89% - 80% C = 79% - 70% D = 69% - 60% F = 59% or below

    Late Work: English Department teachers will adhere to the “Make-Up Work” policy as outlined in the Smoky Hill High School Student Handbook.

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