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    IB Middle Years Program (MYP) - 9th and 10th grades

    Our IB Middle Years Program provides a framework of academic challenge. The program encourages our freshman and sophomore students to understand and embrace the connections between traditional academic subjects and the real world, and inspires them to become critical and reflective thinkers. The program consists of eight subject groups. These subjects are integrated through six global contexts that provide lenses for learning within and across the subjects. We place emphasis on the fluidity of the curricular framework and the interrelatedness of the subjects. Aspects of the areas of interaction are addressed naturally through the distinct disciplines. The overall philosophy of the program is expressed through three fundamental concepts that support and strengthen all areas of the curriculum. These concepts are intercultural awareness, holistic learning, and communication.

    The IB Middle Years Program curriculum at Smoky Hill High school consists of eight groups:

    1. Language and Literature: IB MYP English
    2. Language Acquisition: Spanish, Japanese or Latin
    3. Individuals and Societies: IB MYP Government, IB MYP World Geography, and IB MYP American History
    4. Sciences: Integrated Physical Science, Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors and Physics Honors
    5. Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, Geometry Honors, Algebra 2/Trigonometry Honors, and Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus
    6. Visual Arts & Performing Arts: Band, Choir, Dance, Drawing/Painting I and II, Guitar I and II, Photography/Digital Mixed Media, Piano, Music Theory, Music Tech Lab I and II, Pottery/Sculpture, Orchestra, or Theater (Beginning Acting or Technical Theater)
    7. Design: Marketing, 2D Digital Design, 3D Design & Animation, Game Design, Yearbook, or Student Leadership
    8. PE and Health: One semester of Health 9 and at least one semester of Physical Education classes (Personal Fitness, Team Sports, Swimming, or Yoga)

    Further Requirement: Personal Project

    In the final year of the program (10th grade), each IB MYP sophomore student is required to complete a Personal Project. This project culminates in a significant product designed and realized through the student's own initiative and creativity. Each student is responsible for their own choice of topic, development of criteria, planning implementation, and reflection on processes and progress. The entire process is explored through the lens of their chosen global context. All stages of the project are completed under the supervision of a teacher supervisor. Students produce a written report on their project which is assessed and scored by both Smoky Hill teachers and IB evaluators. Sophomores share their projects at our Personal Project Showcase and are recognized at our Personal Project Recognition Ceremony in April.

    Questions? Contact our IB MYP Coordinator, Mrs. Kathleen Fitzgerald at 720-886-5420.

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    IB Diploma Program (DP) - 11th and 12th grades

    The IB Diploma Program is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum leading to IB examinations for juniors and seniors. Based on the pattern of no single country, it incorporates the best elements of many countries' educational curriculums. More specifically, it is a deliberate compromise between the specialization required in some national systems and the breadth preferred in others. The general objectives of the IB program are: to provide students with a balanced education; to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility; and to promote international understanding through a shared academic experience.

    The IB Diploma Program curriculum at Smoky Hill High school consists of six groups:

    1. Language and Literature: IB English (which includes the study of World Literature)
    2. Language Acquisition: Spanish, Japanese or Latin
    3. Individuals and Societies: IB European History OR IB History of the Americas in 11th grade and IB History of the Contemporary World in 12th grade
    4. Sciences: IB Biology, IB Chemistry, IB Environmental Systems and Societies, IB Physics, and IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science
    5. Mathematics: IB Math Applications or IB Math Analysis (Standard Level and Higher Level)
    6. Sixth Subject: IB Business Management, IB Dance, IB Digital Media, IB Film, IB Music, IB Psychology, IB Theater Arts, IB Visual Arts, or a second Science/Math course

    Further Requirements: Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) hours, and IB Exams

    Extended Essay (EE) is an independent, self-directed research paper into a topic chosen by the student. It is intended to promote high-level research and writing skills, intellectual discovery, and creativity while engaging students in personal research. This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing of up to 4,000 words. This is completed during the student's senior year with the supervision of a teacher whom they select.

    Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a course taken during the second semester of junior year and the first semester of senior year. This course explores the relationships among the various disciplines and ensures that students engage in critical reflection and analysis of the knowledge acquired within and beyond the classroom.

    Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) requires students to take part in a range of student service learning experiences, activities, and projects. During the span of their junior and senior years, students must accrue and document 150 hours of CAS.

    IB Exams All IB Diploma Candidates are required to test in one subject from each of the six groups. At least three but not more than four of the six subjects are tested at the Higher level, with the others at the Standard level. Each subject's exam is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the IB Diploma requires a minimum of 24 points total in addition to the satisfactory completion of the Extended Essay, TOK, and CAS. Bonus points may be awarded for exceptional essays and/or performances in Theory of Knowledge.

    Questions? Contact our IB DP Coordinator, Mr. Michael Ady at 720-886-5420.

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    Smoky Hill International Baccalaureate Parents Association

    SHIBPA's purpose is to assist in maximizing the SHHS IB experience for all members of the IB Community – students, parents, faculty and administration – thereby facilitating the achievement of the IB Program’s goals. SHIBPA is primarily intended to share information with parents and to support SHHS IB Middle Year Program and IB Diploma Program.

    Smoky Hill High School is the only school in the Cherry Creek School District that offers this rigorous program 9th to 12th grade. We want to show our support to the students and faculty.  Newsletters are sent out every month to keep everyone up to date on activities and events for our IB students, offer CAS opportunities, dispense information, ask for support with our annual events, and fundraising.

    Some of our activities and fundraising include:

    * organizing an ice cream social at Freshmen Kickoff

    * donations for Personal Project Turn -In Incentive

    * providing treats for IB DP Junior Induction Ceremony and IB MYP Completion Ceremony

    * sponsorship of the annual year-end Senior IB Recognition Ceremony

    * provide support and hospitality at IB information events

    * sponsorship of the annual IB Teachers Luncheon

    * fundraising for scholarships, IB exam fees, IB resources

    SHIBPA often needs volunteers and donations to help assist IB students and staff. Usually, it is as simple as donating an item or gift card or perhaps a few dollars to purchase items.  If each family donates $10 this school year, we can cover our needs.

     Donations can be made by clicking here.