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  • Everyday at Smoky Hill, students will use mathematics to problem solve, analyze, and justify in order to understand and think critically about the real world. Students will be given time to work on problem solving, analyzing, and justifying independently and collaboratively each day. Students will be given time to reflect on their own learning each day.

    Mathematics Pathway of Purpose:

    As part of their math coursework, students will focus on the following Enduring Understandings:

    • Having a growth mindset in interpreting and solving problems.

    • Using mathematics and problem solving strategies  through multiple representations (graphs, tables, words, equations) in a way that helps me understand and think critically about the real world.

    • Justifying and analyzing through oral and written communication my thinking and the thinking of others.

    • Using strategic problem solving tools (including physical, technical, and abstract methods).

    • Communicating with precise mathematical language and symbols, including graphs and symbolic representation. 

    • Interpreting, analyzing, and communicating patterns within mathematical structure, especially as they apply to real world problems.


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